Friday, September 08, 2006

Pita sandwiches, cantaloupe, curry roasted vegetables

Day two of school lunches. Today I packed one mini pita with natural peanut butter and another half a pita with hummus. I also packed baby carrots, raw almonds, a cute little Italian plum, and pretzels mixed with Craisins and chocolate chips (the store brand is vegan!). I also stuck a granola bar in my bag but never got around to eating it.

My only complaint about this container is that the sections don't reach all the way up to the lid. I store my lunch sideways in my bag and when I open it some of the contents always seem to have migrated. Today all of my almonds ended up in the container with the pretzels and a couple pretzels ended up in the carrots (gross, soggy pretzels). I really have no other place to store my food for the almost six hours before my lunch, so I guess I'll just have to be careful with what I pack.

We picked the one on the left from the garden, the one on the right came from the store. Our cantaloupe wasn't quite ripe but the plant died so we had no choice but to pick it. Oh well, the plant was actually a stray one that sprouted up from compost that obviously wasn't composted enough.

I made some really yummy curry roasted veggies tonight and posted the recipe over at Veggieboards. Happy Friday, everyone!


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