Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rice Krispie Treats

From start to finish my vegan Rice Krispie treats only took about 10-15 minutes. I've never actually had real Rice Krispie treats, but these are mightily delicious. I only made a third of the recipe since I didn't have 6 cups of cereal, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.


At 11/27/2006 8:48 AM , Blogger raising_kahne said...

hehe. I used to eat rice crispies treats when I was little. They werent that good though, so Im sure your vegan version is waaay better! Glad to see your pics!

At 11/27/2006 9:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a vegan friendly recipe... thanks for bring that one to my attention..
my kids have yet to experince rice krispy treats.
poor things.

At 11/29/2006 10:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the link, my kid will really apreciate it!

At 5/31/2009 4:56 AM , OpenID lengslog said...

I don't know if I already left you a comment, but I'll do it again anyway. I wanted to say thanks for this childhood fave recipe of mine. It is absolutely delish! I've made it once before and am about to make it again. :-)

At 11/17/2009 7:07 PM , Anonymous Dara (MyVeryFirstKitchen) said...

Hey, i love your blog! those crispies look amazzzzing!!! thanks for sharing!

<3, D

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At 5/19/2010 11:51 AM , Blogger The Kitchen Yogi said...

Thanks The Kitchen Yogi will try this yummy recipe!


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