Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sweet potato, dates, kiwi

If nothing else, today's lunch was colorful. A kiwi, puppy chow, a sweet potato, dates, and walnuts. The cereal got a little soggy from the kiwi but it was still pretty good.


At 10/17/2006 7:21 PM , Blogger raising_kahne said...

It is colorful! Did you just bake the sweet potato and eat the skin and all?? Ive only had sweet potatoes a couple of times, so Im pretty clueless. I know some people like eating the skin on potatoes, but not sure about sweet ones.

At 10/17/2006 7:22 PM , Blogger raising_kahne said...

Oh and the puppy chow is so cute! I wish I could make some with a different concept(I dont use sugar, and I know it has powdered sugar on it. So im trying to be creative and think of something that could replace it. so far, Im stumped. lol

At 10/17/2006 7:35 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

I microwaved the sweet potato for 5 or 6 minutes instead of baking because I'm lazy. I know some people who say not to eat the skin, but I usually do and I've never had any issues with it. Then again, I have a digestion system of steel.

I have no great ideas for sugarless puppy chow since sugar pretty much is the main ingredient.

At 10/18/2006 2:14 PM , Blogger raising_kahne said...

haha. Yeah i guess Ill just be puppy chow-less for awhile until my creative side takes over! Actually, it's very good for you to eat the skin of the potato and sweet potato. A lot of the nutrients are in the skin, so that's what's really good for you!

At 10/18/2006 8:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love puppy chow - it's one of my favorite holiday treats. Hmm...my daughter just got some chex cereal. I may have to sneak a little to make some puppy chow for us.


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