Monday, November 05, 2007

Salad, hummus, and Girl Scout cookies

Since I haven't posted a lunch in a while, here is tomorrow's, although it's fairly uninspiring. As the CSA season draws to a close (our last vegetable delivery is this weekend) the choice of vegetables in my house grows pretty slim. Right now we have about 6 or 7 different varieties of leafy salad greens and not much else. I made a quick salad with greens and raisins. Before I leave for school in the morning I'll squeeze a lemon over it for dressing. I also have some crackers and hummus.

Finally, Sour Patch kids left over from Halloween and some cinna-spin Girl Scout cookies. I'm not particularly watchful for mysterious trace ingredients and hard-to-pronounce chemicals, but these cookies appear to be vegan. The "100-calorie pack" packaging is one of my pet peeves in life but I used to love Girl Scout cookies and I couldn't not buy vegan ones. I vaguely remember the Girl Scouts selling vegan oatmeal cookies last year, but I couldn't find them again this year. While these cinnamon cookies are pretty good, they don't quite measure up to my all time favorites, peanut butter patties and thin mints.

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At 11/07/2007 2:46 PM , Blogger VeggieGirl said...

your salad looks great - a nice way to celebrate the bittersweet ending to the CSA season.

you should make your own vegan version of the Girl Scout cookies - have you seen the veganized Samoas that people have been baking lie crazy, in the blogging world?


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