Monday, July 30, 2007

Best Month Ever

25 Reasons Why I Had the Best July Ever (aka why I never updated this blog)

  1. The NJ Gov School on the Environment is an all-expense paid month long residential program that 72 amazing and extremely lucky rising high school seniors got the chance to participate in this July. I was one of those students.
  2. Being completely myself and being completely comfortable.
  3. Three days spent on a small island, learning about the ecosystem, kayaking, birdwatching, cooking, snorkeling, not showering, composting, using minimal electricity.
  4. Midnight trip to a marsh to look for frogs and toads. Involved wading in knee deep mud and blazing through the Pine Barrens.
  5. Working with other kids who are brilliant, creative, and highly motivated.
  6. Amazing lecturers.
  7. Even better teachers.
  8. Rooming with some of the most interesting and crazy people that I've ever met and opening myself up to all of their quirks and interests.
  9. Eating in a dining hall with multiple clearly-marked vegan options every day.
  10. Inspiring others to go vegetarian.
  11. Trips to the shore for class and just for fun.
  12. Long walks on the beach and hot days in the sand.
  13. Late nights working.
  14. Late nights laughing, playing frisbee, playing volleyball, watching the stars.
  15. No shoes + dirty feet.
  16. Helping to catch a black widow spider
  17. Not being afraid to do anything.
  18. Saving the world.
  19. Waking up to watch the sunrise and staying out to watch the sunset.
  20. The New Jersey Pine Barrens.
  21. Carnivorous plants.
  22. Being proud of my background and my unique qualities.
  23. Realizing that friendships can last a lifetime.
  24. Knowing that life is getting better from here out.
  25. Living, learning, loving, and knowing that I can initiate change.