Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Baked Tofu Fries

Despite criticism by most omnis, I really do like tofu. Since I became vegetarian at a fairly young age, I can't quite remember what the texture of meat is like, which probably allows me to appreciate tofu even more. When I'm feeling lazy I like to bake some tofu fries, they take less than ten minutes of active prep time and taste great.

All you need to do is cut the tofu into pieces that are about the length of your pinkie finger and twice as wide. Then toss each piece in a mixture that is about half bread crumbs (use premade or make your own by putting toast in the food processor) and half nutritional yeast. Add in some garlic powder, salt, and any other seasonings you like, toss the tofu on a pan, and stick it in the oven on broil. Broil the tofu until is is brown (varies depending on the size of your pieces, but probably about 10 minutes per side). Make sure to check the tofu every few minutes so it doesn't burn. When it is lightly browned flip it over and cook about ten more minutes. Serve plain or with ketchup. To make it even easier, I don't press the tofu or prep it in any way, I just use it straight from the package, the moisture helps it hold the breading.