Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Flying Vegan...who's that?

Someone just left a comment asking if I was alive and the answer is yes, I'm still here! I'm even updating my personal blog on a semi-regular basis! The main reason I don't update here is because I'm in a sort of loop food-wise. If I pack lunches they consist of some combination of a peanut butter sandwich, cheerios, fruit/veggies, pistachio nuts, and pretzels. The rest of the time I buy a crappy bagel and an apple from my school cafeteria. I don't usually eat breakfast and when I do it's just fruit, microwaved oatmeal, or pancakes. My dinners are almost always ramen, stir fry and rice, pasta, chile, couscous, frozen foods, rice and beans, or soup with random vegetables.

The only baking or cooking I've particularly done is an embarrassing amount of chickpea cutlets (seriously, I make this recipe in a triple batch!) from Veganomicon, pancakes, and occasionally muffins.

Even though I'm pretty uninspired, I'm still reading all your blogs, so keep posting!